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If you are like the majority of organizations, you may not have your finger on the pulse of your customers, whether internal or external, due to heavy reliance on ad hoc, annual or semi-annual surveys. 

Unfortunately, while expensive in time and money, these do not give you real time information on your customers changing needs, expectations and on-going ratings of your products and service delivery. Inevitably, in a dynamic and volatile environment, this results in poor decision-making that may lead to even lower levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.  

Moreover, you are missing opportunities for greater innovation and efficacy due to little or no stakeholder engagement to help resolve critical issues. 

On the journey to achieving customer-centricity, ongoing access to stakeholder intelligence, data analytics and enhancement of performance management capabilities are essential factors.  The use of a systematic technology to provide end-to-end visibility for customer service is critical in:

  1. Delivering consistent customer service across all service channels
  2. Ensuring cross-functional coordination
  3.  Systematizing customer feedback and understanding customer expectations
  4.  Creating a ‘customer first culture’
We provide access to real-time 3600 stakeholder intelligence, employee engagement, cognitive insights, and performance management capabilities that can move the dial from satisfying customers to delighting them!

We can provide you with:

  1. Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee surveys – continuous, real-time engagement through survey questions customizable for your unique organizational context and priorities;

  2. Stakeholder engagement and team collaboration in one place to focus on critical customer service issues, view stakeholder sentiment with cognitive analytics powered by IBM Watson, and uncover hidden risks with AI;

  3.  On-going 360stakeholder engagement feedback and innovative ideas to drive action on issues that are critical to the organization;
  4.  Live 3600 cognitive insights to unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and patterns using the world’s most advanced cognitive analytics and insight’s engine to provide sentiment, emotion, and tone analysis
 And so much more…

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