Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Journey Map is a visual or graphic interpretation of the overall story from the customer’s perspective of their relationship with your organization, service, product or brand, over time and across the various channels. It is a combination of narrative and images which are used to describe the operational procedures and the customer’s emotional experience. At the end, once the journey has been mapped, the game-boards are used to highlight the gaps, pain points and key opportunities of the experience, both from the perspective of the user and the organization. 

What are the benefits to your organization?  Ultimately, it is a key tool to improve, not just your level of customer satisfaction, but to accelerate your pace toward customer centricity, greater competitiveness and improved bottom line performance. 

The Customer Journey Map helps you to:

  1. Identify Customer Pain Points & Opportunities –  it brings together all collected data (quantitative and qualitative) and looks at the big picture to identify potential and existing roadblocks/pain points and opportunities in the customer journey. 
  2. Sketches the journey – Visually organizes the timeline, touchpoints, channels, emotional highs and lows, making it easier to see and connect with the customer’s experience.
  3. Enables Differentiation – Having mapped the current customer journey, the future  Customer Journey Map is designed from a customer centric  perspective enabling the firm to differentiate itself from  competing entities who do not offer the same experience.

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