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TGL SMILE – Our Philosophical Framework

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To engineer a culture of SMILE (Service Made Into Life-changing Experiences) we use a 6-step framework:  

Assess: Knowing exactly where you stand with your customers (internal and external) is critical to addressing service issues. TGL has both proprietary tools as well as third-party systems which allow a unique and ongoing view of the prevailing conditions impacting the customer’s experience, as well as priority course correction actions.  

Change Mindsets: Focuses on facilitating the kind of mental shifts that will result in greater levels of self-awareness, resilience and agility, responsibility, and accountability. 


Train: We grow people’s effectiveness in areas such as Leadership, Coaching, Communication, Team Building, and Customer Service, by providing the kind of training appropriate to the skill gaps and aspirations they have.

Coach: We apply the most effective tools to ensure that information and insights from training are translated into skills and impact.  

Measure & Monitor:  To ensure the achievement of training outcomes, we measure and monitor the performance of the team and provide feedback as training progresses. We provide guidance post-training to move from classroom learning into application.  

Systems Review: Undertaken to ensure that the required organizational policies, procedures, and mechanisms are in place to support the desired outcomes from training.

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