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Our History & Impact

TGL Purpose

We exist to unleash the capacity and potential of people and business. 

TGL Mission

We provide cutting-edge people development technologies that diagnose and solve productivity and profitability gaps for our clients. 




Our Core Values: (ExCELL)

  • Excellence – An unwavering commitment to deliver the highest possible standard and value to customers, staff, and partners. We are the benchmark against which all similar service providers are measured 
  • Collaboration – Identifying and leveraging diverse talents, skills, and resources to seize and create opportunities which meet objectives that serve the collective whole 
  • Empowerment & Growth – Uncompromising dedication to acquiring and sharing knowledge, tools and expertise that ignite and propel the expansion and liberation of all whom we serve
  • Leadership – Taking individual responsibility for inspiring, causing and delivering on audacious goals which commands respect of the team, customers, and industry
  • Love – Speaking well of, caring for, seeing and honoring the divinity in everyone 


Our Unique Capabilities:

  1. Exclusive providers in the region of the world’s # 1 tool for diagnosing problems and underperformance in salespeople and sales organizations. 
  2. The pioneers of a unique approach to delivering sales and customer service development programs that creates longer lasting impact and superior ROI. 
  3. Our IFIO™ Technology, i.e. our Inside-First, Inside-Out approach to developing people recognizes mindset as the foundation of all results and infuses NLP as the best technology to help people develop a success mindset. 


Our 100% Commitment:

  1. We accurately diagnose and provide the most appropriate solutions for your issue. 
  2. We design training and development interventions tailored to your expressed needs and/or as determined by our world leading diagnostic tools. 
  3. We provide proven and cutting-edge knowledge, skills, and techniques to solve/resolve your issues. 
  4. We deploy qualified, experienced, and A-Rated consultants or trainers to your project. 


The TGL Group


Key Divisions

TGL Corporate

With our world leading salesforce diagnostics tools, we provide CEOs and Sales Leaders with customized salesforce development solution to resolve any inefficiencies impacting their sales effectiveness and revenue performance.


TGL SMILE, a division of the TGL Group, is the region’s only fully integrated service excellence and personal development company.  We diagnose, recommend, and solve all the ailments that impact an organization’s delivery of 5 Star Customer Service.  We help organizations develop a culture of SMILE (“Service Made Into Life-changing Experiences”).

TGL Recruiting

For HR and Sales Managers, frustrated by the difficulties in finding and hiring strong salespeople, TGL Sales Recruiting provides the world’s best framework for identifying, finding, attracting, interviewing, selecting, and on-boarding Strong Sales Professionals.

TGL Sales Force Development

Leverage the experience, skills, tools, and personnel of TGL to support the sales initiatives within your organization. TGL outsourcing provides salespersons on a long- or short-term basis as well as Sales managers, who sells or manages your salespeople on your behalf.

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