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The Highest Return on Investment (ROI) for Salesforce Development Initiatives! 

Think Grow Lead Group (TGL) provides high-pay-off solutions for any sales problem, companies or sales professionals may have. We are a fully integrated sales-force development company, operating in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, with the capacity to diagnose, recommend and solve any issue that affects growth in sales organizations and sales professionals. Masterful at the art and science of sales, TGL is the # 1 company for sales training, sales coaching, sales recruiting and sales consulting in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

 Certified  Sales Training

Certified Sales Training

For the aspiring to the long-standing sales rep and sales manager who is committed to performing and producing at the highest level (in the top 10%), we have the TGL Caribbean School of Sales & Sales Management with a curriculum of programs solely dedicated to raising the quality, skills and earnings of Caribbean Sales Professionals.

Sales  Recruiting

Sales Recruiting

For HR, Recruiting, Talent and Sales Managers, frustrated by the difficulties in finding and hiring strong salespeople, TGL’s Sales Recruiting service with a 92% success rate, provides the world’s best framework for identifying, finding, attracting, interviewing, selecting, and on-boarding Strong Sales Professionals.

Corporate Strategic  Sales Consulting

Corporate Strategic Sales Consulting

For CEOs, Business Owners, Sales VP’s who are strategizing around transforming their sales culture from wait-till-they-come order takers to lets-go-take -the-market, deal makers, TGL has the technology and the framework to help you succeed in the most effective and efficient way.

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Salesforce Evaluation

The success of any major corporate Salesforce development initiative depends on the extent to which we fully understand what's going on in the sales organization, with the leadership, with the sales rep’s capabilities, with the sales mindset, the sales process, the sales strategies and the sales systems. Our Salesforce evaluation tool helps to answer the most difficult questions about sales team performance and provides a road map for planning an effective and meaningful program.

In addition to answering tough questions, we can alert you to problems with your current hiring criteria, the quality of your pipeline, the effectiveness of your sales management efforts, and help discover any misalignment with strategy. This “Sales Organization MRI” tool allows you clarity on the source of all your sales performance issues, and provides specific and tailored prescription to have it fixed

Sales Candidate Assessment

Close to 80% of new sales hires fail to break into the top 50% of the sales team within their first 2 years. Over 65% of new sales hires leave the role in 6 months. Hiring the wrong sales rep is extremely costly. Your ability to accurately assess the core selling competencies, strengths and weaknesses of your candidate is key to building and improving on your success in hiring sales reps. TGL now provide to Caribbean businesses the award-winning, # 1 in the world sales candidate assessment tool to help sales managers quickly eliminate all the salespeople who will not succeed in the specific role for which they are being recruited, interviewed and selected.

Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers, too) and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume. Our Sales Candidate, Sales Management Candidate and VP Sales Candidate Assessments provide easy, instant access to the same accurate, insightful results that thousands of successful companies rely upon to choose winning salespeople (and sales managers).

Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting is one of the toughest tasks within an organization because finding the right people who will not only sell, but who will thrive, in your culture is a very tricky feat. Significant time and money go to waste each year in hiring the wrong persons.

Your organization needs strong sales talent to fuel your growth.

Our recruiting specialists will work with you to find talent that CAN and WILL sell your products, in your markets, against your competition and at your prices, successfully. Our recruitment team leverages the best practices in sales recruiting at all stages and levels, and we are the only recruiting firm in the Caribbean that use the world’s # 1 sales candidate assessment which provides 92% certainty that our recommended hire will be in the top 50% of your sales team within a year. We can help you find, hire, on-board and keep strong sales talent that has eluded you in the past.

Sales Culture Transformation Programs

Oftentimes companies want more, much more than is available from short term, sporadic sales training programs. They recognize that the prevailing sales culture will never allow them to compete much less dominate their space. Think Grow Lead’s major commitment is to help companies create high performance sales cultures. Organizational cultures, sales or otherwise, are transformed only through holistic programs that create a sustained injection of new philosophy, mindset, conversations, routines and practices, systems and matrix for measuring, monitoring, managing and rewarding performance.

Our high-performance sales culture transformation programs work on developing and aligning every aspect of the sales organization to best practice high performance levels. We assess and help CEO’s develop the 10 core elements of high performing sales cultures. We address sales strategy, leadership, management, psychology, tactics, skills, systems, process and organizational integration.

Sales Process Consulting

Are your salespeople selling in the best way? Is there a clearly defined, stage by stage, step-by-step, milestone by milestone process that your salespeople use to get consistent and reliable sales results? Are you aware of the millions of dollars you lose just by not having an optimized, team-wide adopted, sales process that your managers coach from and hold the team accountable to?

Even without technical sales skills training, companies that adopt a best practiced and optimized sales process throughout the organization grows sales by as much as 15%. For many companies this runs into the millions of dollars of revenues each month. TGL offers a sales process optimization an implementation consultancy that allows the sales organization to create a formal, structured, customized, and optimized sales process that when integrated into the sales culture and enforced by sales management, will increase sales revenues by as much as 20% with no other intervention added.


TGL School of Sales & Sales Management

The TGL School of Sales and Sales Management is dedicated to enhancing the skills of sales professionals at every level, from managers to executives, aiming to boost their performance and productivity. It serves as a vehicle designed to drive development, empowerment and enablement within the sales industry.

Fundamentals of Professional Sales

The Fundamentals of Professional Sales Program provides the foundational knowledge and practices in eight (8) core competencies and key performance areas required to be a high-performing sales professional. For the persons who are just entering the field of sales and are looking for a solid start, as well as those already in the field and who are serious about increasing their effectiveness and earnings, this program will provide the framework necessary for you to compete effectively and develop quickly into a high performing sales professional.

Fundamentals of Sales Management

The sales manager is responsible for arguably, the most important team in the business. Yet the surveys show that more than 90% of sales managers have not been trained in the art and science of sales management. In this course you will learn and develop the core mindset, DNA, competencies, and skillsets required to excel in the Sales Management Role.

Modular Courses

The Psychology of Sales Success

In this training, participants will identify and begin to eliminate the mental blocks to sales success, develop the mentality and psychological framework that strong and elite sales professionals hone, and understand the Sales DNA weaknesses holding them back.

Mastering the Hunt

In this workshop participants will learn to become effective and efficient at the process of filling their pipeline through aggressive and consistent hunting. They will identify the framework for isolating who their best leads are, the best channels to reach them, and the best conversation to have them want to meet.

Relationship selling

In this training, participants develop clarity and effectiveness in their approach to the discovery meetings. They develop the ease of being with and dealing with people. They learn the best ways to start these meetings and how to progress through a structured agenda to a fruitful conclusion of the call.

Consultative Selling

In this workshop participants confront and dismantle the traditional ways of selling that limits conversion to new accounts and the value of new business. They see the value of engaging suspects using the model of the consultant/doctor, whose primary tools are, questioning, listening and patience.

Value Selling

In this workshop participants will learn to become effective and efficient at the process of filling their pipeline through aggressive and consistent hunting. They will identify the framework for isolating who their best leads are, the best channels to reach them, and the best conversation to have them want to meet.

Qualifying Essentials

In this training, participants develop clarity and effectiveness in their approach to the discovery meetings. They develop the ease of being with and dealing with people. They learn the best ways to start these meetings and how to progress through a structured agenda to a fruitful conclusion of the call.

Presenting to Close

From how to structure the presentation to making the bridge to the close, participants in this training participants will appreciate the value to present differently based on people's learning styles, decision-making styles, and sales personality. They will be more effective at mapping the customers' compelling need to the solutions that best satisfy that need and sharing that in a way that have the prospects experience their value difference.

Sales Follow-up, Objections & Negotiating

In this training participants will understand the value of the old Axiom, the money is in the follow up, identify tools to automate their follow up, and develop powerful responses to objections, reactive responses, brush offs and stalls. The lack of a proper and effective follow-up and the uncertainty in dealing with objections and brush offs has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars by sales professionals.

Closing the Sale

In this training participants will understand the 10 attributes that distinguish the elite closer from the average salesperson and create a program to develop those attributes within themselves. They will learn the 5 sales before the ultimate close, how to look and wait for the right moment to strike, and 6 powerful closing techniques.

Sales Manager Coaching

When your sales manager gets better your sales team gets better.

While training is a necessary part of a sales manager’s development, coaching is the real catalyst for sustainable change and improvement in a Sales Managers' ability to grow and develop their Sales Team.

With 4 out of 5 Sales Managers being ineffective at coaching and developing their team, this sort of support for them is vital.

The responsibility to provide clear and effective coaching for the sales managers and VP,s is that of the Sales VP or the CEO/Business Owner. For the CEO/Business Owner and VP that is too busy to provide the quality of coaching their Sales Managers/Leader’s needs, the Sales Management Coaching Program at TGL is a valuable asset. Think Grow Lead offers highly qualified and experienced sales development experts who provide effective, timely coaching to sales people, sales managers, and sales leaders. TGL provides ongoing training of our own team, making sure that you get the maximum value for your investment. Our unique coaching personalizes your experience, gets to the root of individual issues, and enhances the overall development experience


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